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  • A deep pink box shows the outline of a robot's head with a dialogue box above it, while a lighter pink box contains a drawing of two people talking with a question mark above their heads.

    People With Autism Turn to ChatGPT for Advice on Workplace Issues


    A new study shows that many people with autism embrace ChatGPT and similar AI tools for help and advice as they confront problems in their workplaces. But does that use of AI make sense?Im...

  • PASA Lunch and Learn on Artificial Intelligence

    CMU Faculty and Staff Present at PASA Lunch and Learn


    On Tuesday, March 5, Ken Koedinger, Erin Gatz, and Nesra Yannier shared the exciting work they’ve been doing in the field of Artificial Intelligence in education during the Pennsylvania As...

  • screenshot of the Jigsaw prototyping system

    Jigsaw: Supporting Designers to Prototype Multimodal Applications by Assembling AI Foundation Models


    Recent advancements in AI foundation models have made it possible for them to be utilized off-the-shelf for creative tasks, including ideating design conc...

  • Wikibench illustration of a bench made up of the 8 puzzle pieces from the wiki logo



    AI tools are increasingly deployed in community contexts. However, datasets used to evaluate AI are typically created by developers and annotators outside...

  • SCS professor Jodi Forlizzi recently appeared in Washington, D.C., to share recommendations with U.S. senators to ensure that AI innovations are sustainable, responsible and work for workers.

    Forlizzi Briefs Senators on AI in the Workforce


    Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Professor Jodi Forlizzi on Tuesday shared four recommendations with U.S. senators to ensure that innovations in artificial intelligenc...

  • a full image of a parrot above 8 small squares, each containing a small portion of image. Text reads "Select 4 of the most representative visualizations of the parrot for hints"

    Eye into AI


    Recent developments in explainable AI (XAI) aim to improve the transparency of black-box models. However, empirically ...

  • We built a visualization dashboard called Rx RiskMap that communicates and explains the results of a model to predict overdose risk across the state of Pennsylvania. The data shown is outdated and depicted for demonstration purposes only.

    Predicting and Visualizing Overdose Risk for Public Health


    Overdose due to opioid misuse and abuse is currently a critical public health issue in the United States and worldwide. Machine learning (ML) approaches h...

  • LearnSphere

    Learning Analytics and Data Sharing


    LearnSphere is a community data infrastructure to support learning improvement online. It integrates educational data and analysis repositories to offer ...

  • Nesra sits by Norilla earthquake table

    Mixed-Reality For Science Learning


    NoRILLA is a patented mixed-reality educational system bridging physical and virtual worlds to improve STEM learning. Research at Carnegie Mellon Universi...

  • Multiplier Effects in Math Education (MEME) Project


    The MEME Project’s goal is to produce better educational outcomes by increasing motivation, learning, and self-regulation....

  • Plus Logo

    Personalized Learning Squared (PLUS)


    The PLUS project is improving the learning outcomes for marginalized students by "squaring" the power of both human and computer tutoring. The PLUS Traini...

  • Researchers in the HCII used comics to explore how community-centered AI design can include both the people experiencing homelessness and the frontline workers who use AI to help them.

    CMU Researchers Use Comics To Explain AI-Supported Public Housing System to People Who Need It Most


    As artificial intelligence becomes more accessible and prevalent in everyday life, the humans who use it should still be central to its implementation, even if they don't have a technical ...