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  • VR scene with some brightly colored underwater plants, text in the center reads "Echo of the Abyss"

    Echo of the Abyss


    Echo of the Abyss is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that uses animal guides and immersive environments to cultivate a sense of kinship towards marine l...

  • playtesting with educators at the Children's Museum

    Monsters of Appalachia


    Monsters of Appalachia is a game designed by the Center for Transformational Play at Carnegie Mellon University. It is a role-playing game designed to hel...

  • a full image of a parrot above 8 small squares, each containing a small portion of image. Text reads "Select 4 of the most representative visualizations of the parrot for hints"

    Eye into AI


    Recent developments in explainable AI (XAI) aim to improve the transparency of black-box models. However, empirically ...

  • CMU Center for Transformational Play wordmark

    Carnegie Mellon University Launches Center for Transformational Play


    Games can entertain. They can bring people together. They can transport players to new worlds, test skills and strategies, and encourage play. But games can also transform. They can teach,...

  • Bloomwood Stories, an HCII-designed video game that helps members of underresourced or historically marginalized populations feel more confident handling health issues, won the Best Student Award at last month's International Conference on Meaningful Play.

    Video Game Focused on Community Health Receives Award at Meaningful Play Conference


    One of the most enduring pieces of advice from beloved children's television host Mister Rogers is to look for the helpers. ...

  • 2 side by side images: left side has 2 neuroscience students writing on whiteboard, right side has screen capture of a videogame. The words "Brain Play" are in the center of the graphic.

    Neuroscientists and Game Designers Play Well Together


    Jessica Hammer thinks the most important technology for making games is the brain....

  • CMU and Simcoach Games have teamed up to give high school students interested in game design on-the-job training and a first step toward a career in the field. (Photo courtesy of Simcoach Games.)

    CMU Helps Simcoach Games Train Next Generation of Change Innovators


    Carnegie Mellon University and Simcoach Games have teamed up to give high school students interested in game design on-the-job training and a first step toward a career in game design, dev...

  • screenshot of the choose sound categories, checkbox lists of different sound options



    The Polyphonic project explores collecting real-world data by piggybacking on game streaming communities such as Twitch, which capture over a trillion min...

  • HCII logo, grey watermark

    Games and Climate


    How can games help address the challenge of climate change? Through research and design, we are exploring ways that games can motivate collective action, ...

  • splash screen for Bloomwood Stories: Block Party

    Bloomwood Stories


    Bloomwood Stories: Block Party is a visual novel that aims to increase players' health self-efficacy and connect them to health resources at their local l...

  • In "Energy Uptopia," one of the games designed in Transformational Game Design Studio, players make investments in energy while trying to keep global temperatures low.

    Games for Change: CMU Course Strategizes Around Sustainability


    When it comes to climate change, a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University are ahead of the game — or, rather, designing it....

  • screenshot of the Frolic app in the App Store

    Hammer and Kalarchian Win Shape of Health Competition


    A new game developed by Jessica Hammer and Melissa Kalarchian, two Pittsburgh-based researchers, won first prize in a national competition sponsored by the United States Department of Heal...