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  • Data Navigator provides visualization toolkits with rich, accessible navigation structures, robust input handling, and flexible, semantic rendering.

    Data Navigator


    Data Navigator is a JavaScript library that allows for navigation of data structures. Data Navigator makes png, svg, canvas, and even webgl graphics acces...

  • A team of CMU students is part of the 2022 NASA Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students (SUITS) Challenge, which aims to incorporate an augmented reality interface in the agency's next generation of space suits.

    Moon Buddy Team Working With NASA on Spacesuits for Lunar Exploration


    Students working on Carnegie Mellon University's Moon Buddy likely will not walk on the lunar surface as part of NASA's upcoming Artemis missions. But their technology could make its way i...

  • collage of 4 faculty: Bigham, Carrington, Ogan, Holstein

    HCII Researchers To Study Improving Algorithm, Computer Science Education as Part of CERES Network


    Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University's Human Computer Interaction Institute will collaborate with institutions around the world to tailor digital technologies to help children and fam...