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Advanced Interaction Design

Course Information

Course Number

HCI Undergraduate: 05-361
HCI Graduate: 05-661

Course Description

Advanced Interaction Design (05-361/05-661) follows Interaction Design for Human-Computer Interaction (05-360/05-660).

Students are expected to build on the basic interaction design principles they learned in Interaction Design for Human-Computer Interaction by applying advanced methods to solve more complex problems using emerging technologies in user experiences that cross devices, modalities and contexts. Students learn how to design with advanced technologies that predict, assist and automate, and make through a design system. Systems thinking, data as a design material, and UI design are emphasized in projects which are designed to give students experience solving complex problems that they are likely to encounter as practitioners. Advanced Interaction Design prepares students to become interaction designers that take a rigorous and principled approach to solving enterprise-scale problems where many systems and applications serve many stakeholders.