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4 students at a table during the hackathon & show their laptop screens while working on Lucid Drums

HCII Students’ Game Wins "Most Creative" at TreeHacks

Lucid Drums earned Most Creative Hack and finished in Top 8

Q&A with Jason Hong, HCII professor

CyLab Q&A with Jason Hong

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countless aspects of everyday life, CyLab researchers are monitoring its effects on people’s ...

image of airport cafe with crowded area highlighted in a rectangular box

CMU Spinoff Offers AI Platform To Help Governments Address COVID-19

People who manage public facilities and spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic have lots of new questions that artificial intelligence and ...

Mayank Goel

Goel Receives 2019 Google Faculty Research Award

Mayank Goel, assistant professor with the School of Computer Science's HCII and ISR, recently received a 2019 Human-Computer Interaction G...

side by side headshots of Zhu and Chouldechova

Chouldechova and Zhu Awarded Research Grant on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Amazon have announced that two Carnegie Mellon University researchers have been awarded a resear...

collage of the 12 new AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows for 2020

Rose, Zimmerman Named AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows

  The 2020-21 Fellows are ready to discuss how AI affects our work, decision-making and well-being The American Association for the...

Greg Bunyea

METALS Alumnus to Lead Team in Rural Panama

Carnegie Mellon University learning engineers are heading to rural Panama to help teachers improve student outcomes in science, technology...

Sharing accounts in the workplace is a mess

Last year, a team of CyLab researchers explored the account-sharing behaviors of romantic couples and found that some of their practices c...

graphic with multicolored stick figures on a black background, representative of an actual classroom of students at their desks

EduSense: Like a Fitbit for Your Teaching Skills

While training and feedback opportunities abound for K-12 educators, the same can't be said for instructors in higher education. Currently...

Sven Mayer looks inside an Enigma machine

Inside the Enigma Machine

Researchers had a rare opportunity to peek "under the hood" of the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries' two Enigma machines, opening the ...