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  • Scenario of a user working with the RealityReplay system with side by side views of the environment with and without RealityReplay



    Humans easily miss events in their surroundings due to limited short-term memory and field of view. This happens, for example, while watching an instructo...

  • A grid of six images showing different VR environments (street, museum, supermarket) and different types of navigation instructions (arrows on ground, avatar, call outs).

    User Preference for Navigation Instructions in Mixed Reality


    Current solutions for providing navigation instructions to users who are walking are mostly limited to 2D maps on smartphones and voice-based instructions...

  • Screenshots of two examples of Diminished Reality. One shows two side-by-side images of a desk with a computer, mouse, keyboard and decorative object on one side, and the same desk with all objects but the decorative object faded out. The other image shows a shelf with books on one side, and a shelf with all but one book faded out.

    Towards Understanding Diminished Reality


    Diminished reality (DR) refers to the concept of removing content from a user's visual environment. While its implementation is becoming feasible, it is s...

  • UML-style workflow diagram of system. A Mixed Reality layout is generated by users, and an automatic system the adapts its positioning.



    We present an optimization-based approach that automatically adapts Mixed Reality (MR) interfaces to different physical environments. Current MR layouts, ...

  • Sensor Data Mining and Wearable UI/UX


    Our research in sensors and machine learning techniques seeks to improve HCI experience by developing objective and near real-time methods for recognizing...

  • Pediluma


    Pediluma is a shoe accessory designed to encourage opportunistic physical activity. It features a light that brightens the more the wearer walks and slowl...