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Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE)

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    AI tools are increasingly deployed in community contexts. However, datasets used to evaluate AI are typically created by developers and annotators outside...

  • SCS researchers worked with Black girls to better understand their ideas about AI. As part of the research, the girls designed humanoid AI-powered robots, which displayed hairstyles similar to the learners’ — a robot representation not often shown in popular media.

    AI Should Be Kind and Fair, Young Black Girls Tell CMU Researchers


    When asked about future uses for artificial intelligence, a group of fifth- and sixth-grade Black students attending a summer camp at Carnegie Mellon University had some unique ideas. One ...

  • Researchers in the HCII used comics to explore how community-centered AI design can include both the people experiencing homelessness and the frontline workers who use AI to help them.

    CMU Researchers Use Comics To Explain AI-Supported Public Housing System to People Who Need It Most


    As artificial intelligence becomes more accessible and prevalent in everyday life, the humans who use it should still be central to its implementation, even if they don't have a technical ...

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    Studying and designing for human-AI collaborative work in real-world contexts


    Across a range of real-world contexts, we are studying how AI is currently being designed and used to augment or transform worker practices. Moving beyond...

  • This figure provides a high-level overview of the child maltreatment screening process at Allegheny County, illustrating when an ADS assists call screeners’ and supervisors’ screening decisions.

    Advancing Fairness in AI with Human-Algorithm Collaborations


    Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly used to assist humans in making high-stakes decisions, such as online information curation, resume s...

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    Incorporating and Balancing Stakeholder Values in Algorithm Design


    This project will create a general method for value-sensitive algorithm design and develop tools and techniques to help incorporate the tacit values of st...