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  • Vivian facilitating a demo at UIST 2023. [This image is from the official ACM UIST photo album]

    HCII at UIST 2023


    The 2023 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST) was held in San Francisco, California from October 29 to November 1, 2023. ...

  • Falling Walls logo, 3 pieces of grey stone wall falling backwards

    Yao’s Seed Carrier Shortlisted for Science Breakthrough of the Year Award


    Lining Yao, the Cooper-Siegel associate professor in the School of Computer Science's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, and her E-seed research project are among the top 10 finalists f...

  • Researchers in CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute engineered a biodegradable seed carrier, fashioned from wood veneer, that could enable aerial seeding of difficult-to-access areas.

    Engineered Magic: Wooden Seed Carriers Mimic the Behavior of Self-Burying Seeds


    How seeds implant themselves in soil can seem magical. Take some varieties of Erodium, whose five-petalled flowers of purple, pink or white look like geraniums....

  • close up of the ReCompFig kinematic display



    From creating input devices to rendering tangible information, the field of HCI is interested in using kinematic mechanisms to create human-computer inter...

  • Lining Yao

    The Shape of Pasta: HCII Assistant Professor Morphs Matter


    Lining Yao came of age in a small village in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Like most families in her town, she didn't have a computer. She didn't even have a television. On t...