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Privacy Seminar

Executive Director


Group Viewing and Virtual - ET

The last 22 years of elections in the US have forced the public to consider an important question about our democracy: what does it take to run an election everyone can trust? In this talk, we'll try to answer that question specifically by looking at the 2020 general election in the US. We'll discuss how elections are all about building up a trail of evidence that makes the case for the election winner. And no, we will not talk about Blockchain. At least not much. — Ben Adida is the Executive Director of VotingWorks, a non-profit building election technology everyone can trust. His passion is using technology to empower individuals. Ben has extensive experience in voting systems, identity, payments, health IT, security & privacy, and Web architecture. He has developed free software for more than 20 years and Web software for more than 25 years. In Person Viewing and Zoom Participation. See announcement.