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Koedinger Will Deliver Keynote at Learning@Scale


HCII Faculty, Students to Present Papers and Works in Progress

HCII faculty and students will travel to the University of Edinburgh next week for L@S: The Third Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, April 25–26. The conference promotes scientific exchange of interdisciplinary research at the intersection of the learning sciences and computer science. Inspired by the emergence of MOOCs and the accompanying shift in thinking about education, L@S is a scholarly venue and key focal point for the review and presentation of research on how learning and teaching can change and improve when done at scale.

HCII Professor Ken Koedinger will present one of the conference's three keynote addresses. In his talk, "Practical Learning Research at Scale," Koedinger will discuss the research challenges inherent in evaluating the quality of scaled learning. "The number of students being reached is high, but what about the quality of the educational experience? As we scale learning, we need to scale research to address this question," he writes in his abstract. His talk will provide examples of research done in the context of widely used educational technologies that both contribute interesting scientific findings and have practical implications for increasing the quality of learning at scale.

The conference will also feature several papers and works in progress from HCII faculty and students.

Accepted Paper

"$1 Conversational Turn Detector: Measuring How Video Conversations Affect Student Learning in Online Classes," HCII Ph.D. student Adam Stankiewicz and HCII Assistant Professor Chinmay Kulkarni.

Works in Progress

  • "Bringing Non-Programmer Authoring of Intelligent Tutors to MOOCs," HCII Associate Professor Vincent Aleven, Ryan Baker, Yuan Wang, HCII Project Director Jonathan Sewall, HCII Research Programmer Octav Popescu.
  • "A Preliminary Look at MOOC-Associated Facebook Groups Prevalence, Geographic Representation, and Homophily," by HCII Ph.D. student Anna Kasunic, HCII and ETC Assistant Professor Jessica Hammer, HCII Professor Robert Kraut, Michael Massimi, HCII Assistant Professor Amy Ogan.
  • "Understanding ESL Students' Motivations to Increase MOOC Accessibility," HCII Ph.D. student Judith Uchidiuno, HCII Assistant Professor Amy Ogan, HCII Research Assistant Evelyn Yarzebinski, HCII and ETC Assistant Professor Jessica Hammer.
  • "Browser Language Preferences as a Metric for Identifying ESL Speakers in MOOCs," by HCII Ph.D. student Judith Uchidiuno, HCII Assistant Professor Amy Ogan, HCII Professor Kenneth Koedinger, HCII Research Associate Evelyn Yarzebinski, HCII and ETC Assistant Professor Jessica Hammer.

Learn more on the L@S website.

Story by Susie Cribbs (DC 2000, 2006)