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Special Topics: Interactive Extended Reality

Course Information

Course Number

HCI Undergraduate: 05-499
HCI Graduate: 05-899

Course Description

collage of 5 images of interactive reality scenariosThis course focuses on the foundations and challenges of building interactive Extended Reality (XR) systems. We will review the basics of human perception and behavior, and how those form the requirements for current and future XR systems. The course then covers foundational topics in XR such as interaction design / interaction techniques, computer graphics (e.g., rendering), computer vision (reconstruction, pose estimation), applied machine learning (e.g., saliency prediction) and computational interaction (e.g., optimization-based interfaces). The class format will include lectures, discussions, homework assignments and projects. The class is designed to be a graduate/advanced undergraduate course, and requires strong programming skills. The goal is to provide students with hands-on experience in designing and building XR systems that could be employed in a variety of domains, from casual interaction, productivity, manufacturing, health care and future always-on XR systems.

Semester Offered and Units

Semester: Fall 2023
Undergraduate: 12 units
Graduate: 12 units

Enrollment Requirements

Students should have taken at least 2 programming courses such as: 15-104, 15-112, 15-122, 15-150, 15-213, 15-462, 16-385, 18-213, etc.

Students will be provided with a loaner XR headset (Meta Quest 2). They will need a computer that enables them to program the headset (e.g., using Unity).


Students with technical focus who are interested in building XR systems.


The syllabus can be found here.


David Lindlbauer