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  • A blue line drawing shows an stick figure with a speech bubble, clearly making a request, while a stick figure operator works a switchboard in the background.

    Siri, It Hurts When You Constantly Misunderstand Me. You too, Alexa

    Users of voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant know the frustration of being misunderstood by a machine. But for people...

  • 2024 FAcct logo, June 3-6, with a multicolored capybara illustration

    CMU at FAccT 2024

    Researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) and several other Carnegie Mellon University schools and disciplines cont...

  • An illustration of a search engine window, including a search bar with a magnifying glass in it, and the results below represented by boxes in various colors.

    New Search Engine Tool Helps Users Make Sense of Unfamiliar Topics

    An unstructured search for online information about new topics or products can be daunting.

  • Niki Kittur

    Kittur is GeekWire Podcast Guest

    AI, the brain, and the crowd: Research explores new ways for humans and tech to work togetherTodd Bishop, co-founder of GeekWire, recently...

Latest Projects

  • UHC team on presentation day at the front of the classroom

    Team University Hospitals

    Patients receiving Mohs surgery are currently provided written and verbal instructions and are sent home to perform wound-care. The issue at hand is that ...

  • 5 students on the Mentoring Partnership team stand in the front of the classrom on presentation day

    Team Mentoring Partnership

    We are working closely with The Mentoring Partnership (TMP), a nonprofit organization that serves local mentoring programs in Southwest Pennsylvania. We s...

  • MHCI South Fayette team wearing visitor name badges on a visit to the school

    Team South Fayette

    We are designing a course catalog for the future to encourage students to develop their self-identity, to inspire confidence, and to explore new classes. ...

  • 5 students wearing Princeton orange pose in front of The Green Wall

    Team Princeton University

    Taming The Terabytes - Addressing Research Data Management Problem at Princeton UniversityDo you have data that is messy? Like your desktop or your camera...