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  • color icons representing the design of interactive training interfaces, models, and organizations

    Studying and designing for human-AI collaborative work in real-world contexts


    Across a range of real-world contexts, we are studying how AI is currently being designed and used to augment or transform worker practices. Moving beyond...

  • This figure provides a high-level overview of the child maltreatment screening process at Allegheny County, illustrating when an ADS assists call screeners’ and supervisors’ screening decisions.

    Advancing Fairness in AI with Human-Algorithm Collaborations


    Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly used to assist humans in making high-stakes decisions, such as online information curation, resume s...

  • sensing relationships icon: a continuous loop between a person and their friends with a mobile phone in the middle

    Understanding Mental Health with Mobile Sensing


    Understanding how our family and friends affect our mental health People are social beings in nature and our friends and family play a crucial part in ou...

  • Scaffolding Science Achievement in a Culturally Diverse Classroom


    In this project, we aim to address the systematically-reduced standardized test scores of African American students compared to their Euro-American peers ...