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  • playtesting with educators at the Children's Museum

    Monsters of Appalachia


    Monsters of Appalachia is a game designed by the Center for Transformational Play at Carnegie Mellon University. It is a role-playing game designed to hel...

  • HCII logo, grey watermark

    Games and Climate


    How can games help address the challenge of climate change? Through research and design, we are exploring ways that games can motivate collective action, ...

  • CMU is launching the Responsible AI Initiative to bring research in this field under the umbrella of fairness, accountability, transparency and ethics, and to apply these principles to real-world applications affecting society.

    CMU Launches Responsible AI Initiative To Direct Technology Toward Social Responsibility


    Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve our daily lives, whether it's by helping doctors better diagnose and treat disease, reducing jail recidivism, or connecting people in n...