Doing Research With Us

4 students in foreground at a research fair. One student holds laptop open while another student completes a demo. A line of posters on easel down the hall is visible in background

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute lives at the intersection of technology and society.

We create innovative solutions by focusing on the design, development, and study of computer technology in all aspects of life. From startups and nonprofits to major global companies, we value our collaborations with all organizations. 

Looking for ways to partner with us? Here are a few ways you can support the research and mission of the Institute:

Sponsor collaboration on your research project.

  • Student Capstone Project 
    Define the project with our faculty before handing it off to an interdisciplinary team of students for research, design, and iteration. Work with our undergraduates on a  1-semester HCI capstone project or, for a fee, partner with our grad students on a more in-depth, 2-semester master’s capstone. Fill out our Capstone Sponsor Interest Form to submit your project idea and we will follow up with you shortly.
  • Independent Study  
    Teams consist of a few students with a faculty mentor, and projects can range from conceptual design and research to high-fidelity prototyping and development.
  • Faculty Research Project  
    Major corporations and foundations, including Google, Microsoft, and the National Science Foundation, have funded research projects at the HCII, and your company can, too. The HCII is a leader in the fields of human-computer interaction, educational technologies, and applications of data in sensor systems, just to name a few.

Connect with the HCII and keep in touch.  

  • Connect with Us on Social Media 
    See what we’re doing, let us know if something sounds interesting, and keep the conversation going on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin
  • Hire Current CMU HCII Students or Alumni for Your Jobs or Internships  
    Carnegie Mellon University students have highest engagement on Handshake of any school in the United States, so we know our students and alumni are actively looking for their next opportunity on this online recruiting platform. (Questions? Contact  kjliving [at] (Katelyn Livingston)

  • Make a Gift to the Human-Computer Interaction Institute 
    Although financial gifts cannot specify a particular deliverable, they can directly fund faculty, student or group research, bringing benefits to both the donor and the department. Give to the HCII.

Back in 1975, Alan Newell and Herbert Simon decreed the discipline of computer science and the focus of the School of Computer Science to be The study of all phenomena surrounding computing machines,” which is where we got our roots. From day one, the HCII has collaborated extensively other University departments and other research partners outside CMU. Our interdisciplinary, collaborative mission makes us the ideal partner for researchers and industry professionals seeking creative, impactful, and innovative solutions. Today, we engage with collaborators ranging from governmental and healthcare organizations, to small startups, multinational corporations, and individuals in the developing world, to understand and create technology that improves human life.

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