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Future of Work

  • SCS professor Jodi Forlizzi recently appeared in Washington, D.C., to share recommendations with U.S. senators to ensure that AI innovations are sustainable, responsible and work for workers.

    Forlizzi Briefs Senators on AI in the Workforce


    Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Professor Jodi Forlizzi on Tuesday shared four recommendations with U.S. senators to ensure that innovations in artificial intelligenc...

  • color icons representing the design of interactive training interfaces, models, and organizations

    Studying and designing for human-AI collaborative work in real-world contexts


    Across a range of real-world contexts, we are studying how AI is currently being designed and used to augment or transform worker practices. Moving beyond...

  • 3 people participating in a workshop for gig workers and policymakers

    Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy


    The gig economy is characterized by short-term contract work performed by independent workers who are paid in return for the "gigs" they perform. Example ...