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Rebecca Gulotta

Human-Computer Interaction Institute


Campus Address

Newell-Simon Hall 4605



Google Scholar 

Research Areas

Design Research

I study how the digital information we create and share online will be passed down to future generations and how digital systems influence the lifespan of that information. I’m deeply interested in these topics, and in how technology is influencing existing practices related to family, legacy, and ownership. I'm advised by Dr. Jodi Forlizzi and Dr. Aisling Kelliher, both of whom do all sorts of fascinating work in the area of systems, design, and HCI. 

Outside of my research, I’m an all around Pittsburgh enthusiast, and spend a lot of time exploring the city. I’m also an active climber and bicyclist, roaming around the back roads of Pittsburgh. In the past two years I’ve also become interested in food preservation including canning, pickling, and cheesemaking.