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Slate Calls Out Koedinger's Contributions to Learning Technologies

In the Media

Ken Koedinger

Artificially intelligent software is changing the face of the American classroom, and Slate's recent article "No More Pencils, No More Books" looks to experts like HCII Professor Ken Koedinger for insight into whether or not these types of learning technologies are effective.

"I think the potential is super," Koedinger says. "I like to think of analogies to other places where science and technology have had an impact, like transportation. We went from walking to horse-drawn carriages to Model Ts, and now we have jet planes. So far in educational technology, we’re in the Model T stage."

The article also highlights Koedinger's work on Carnegie Learning’s Cognitive Tutor, which the author says helped pioneer conceptual adaptive learning technologies in the classroom.

Read the full story on Slate.