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Ogan on Sensors in the Classroom

In the Media

Amy Ogan Classroom

Carnegie Mellon University, like other colleges and universities, is able to create smaller learning cohorts from large lectures by using teaching assistants. These TAs often have varied backgrounds and levels of familiarity with the U.S. educational system, which can make learning experience and outcomes differ from section to section.

In a recent article, Campus Technology recently shared a research project with Assistant Professor Amy Ogan and Human-Computer Interaction Institute Ph.D. student David Gerritsen. The project is helping teaching assistants in STEM classes, especially those who aren’t as familiar with U.S. educational systems, to analyze and improve their teaching skills.

"Many of our teaching assistants in universities today come from a wide variety of cultures. They haven't all grown up in the U.S. educational system. So we're looking at exploring how to support them, not just as novice teachers in the classroom, but also in new approaches or approaches they may not have taken previously in their teaching experiences," said Ogan.

Read the full article, including the hardware and outputs of the classroom sensors, on Campus Technology