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Translating User-Centered Design Into The Business World: Goal Centered Strategy

Nick Iozzo


Newell-Simon Hall 1305 (Michael Mauldin Auditorium)


Within the Internet consulting industry, it is common to staff projects with multiple disciplines. The talk will present working models, strategies, case studies, and the context in which HCI practitioners will be working with business consultants. In addition, some discussion will occur on how to sell and position user centered design to the business community. The goal of this talk is to help the student learn how to communicate the value of their HCI training to the business community.

Speaker's Bio

As a founder of the cognitive discipline at ZEFER, Nick takes the lead role in developing both web-based applications to improve and support business processes and long term strategic consulting to guide Internet initiatives down a useful and usable path. He currently is leading the Experience design group for ZEFER Pittsburgh. While at ZEFER, Nick has been involved with the design and usability testing of over fifty web sites and Internet applications. He has designed both business-to-business and consumer-orientated e-commerce sites. In addition to implementing cognitive design into all of ZEFER’s designs, Nick holds complete responsibility for helping grow the cognitive discipline within the Pittsburgh, Chicago, and London offices.