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Advanced Technology Systems (HATS) for Enhanced Mobile Communication

Douglas Naimo
President, Triggerfinger Software


Newell-Simon Hall 1305 (Michael Mauldin Auditorium)

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“I am trying get the hang of this new fangled writing machine, but am not making a shining success of it. However this is the first attempt I have ever made, & yet I perceive that I shall soon & easily acquire a fine facility in its use. … The machine has several virtues. I believe it will print faster than I can write. One may lean back in his chair & work it. It piles an awful stack of words on one page. It don't muss things or scatter ink blots around. Of course it saves paper.” Mark Twain 1875

The underlying problems mentioned by Mark Twain are with us today. Speed and convenience for placing characters for the printed word have resulted in numerous attempts to facilitate active communication and the recording of information. Triggerfinger Technologies have addressed the most pressing issues associated with 21st Century communications by providing easy to use, handheld touch type capabilities compatible with today's technology.

The Triggerfinger enabled Handheld Advanced Technology System (HATS) provides complete operational control of any complex computer system. HATS allows the user to develop unique and custom applications for the control of every mobile device platform. The technology has been used for military field operations, CAD programming, Online Gaming and Educational applications. Work is under way with embedded systems for robot and sensor controls. Triggerfinger enabled devices are compatible with every written language and computer system. The extension of the technology to allow command line controls and mission specific programming demonstrates its flexibility as an operational tool for multiple communications formats and platforms. The fingertip control of a Triggerfinger enabled device provides the much needed improvement required for an enhanced mobile communication experience.

Speaker's Bio

Mr. Naimo is a life long Oregonian who graduated from University of Portland in 1988 with a BA in History. Upon graduation, he spent 12 years in Sales and Management with a focus on product research and market development.

In 2002, Doug began work with a product development company to commercialize his product research. Triggerfinger Software was created out of his efforts to develop new technologies for the communication market.

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