Masters Programs

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute shares its human-centered approach to computer science with these five interdisciplinary master’s degree programs. 

Master of Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI)

Tried and true, this professional MHCI program was the world’s first to focus on human-computer interaction, user experience design and user-centered research. Our 12-month program runs from August to August and culminates with a rigorous, 8-month capstone project.
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Accelerated Master of Human-Computer Interaction

Available only to current CMU undergraduate students majoring in human-computer interaction, students must apply to the Accelerated MHCI program during the fall of their senior year. If accepted to the accelerated master’s, this program enables students to enroll in the master’s capstone project in January and graduate with the MHCI degree in December.
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Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science (METALS)

Faculty from the HCII and the Psychology Department in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences lead this 12-month program, which concludes with an 8-month capstone project for an external client. METALS graduates are prepared to take key positions in corporations, universities and schools as designers, developers, and evaluators of educational technologies, as well as learning engineers, curriculum developers and learning technology policy-makers.
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Master of Computational Data Science (Human-Centered Data Science Concentration)

The CMU Master of Computational Data Science program offers a concentration in Human-Centered Data Science, which looks at techniques applied to web interaction data, educational data, and other human-centered aspects of data science. The MCDS program is housed in the Language Technologies Institute (LTI) and is a collaboration of faculty from several areas of the School of Computer Science.
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Master of Science in Product Management (MSPM)

Product managers lead the teams that bring new products and services to market. The CMU School of Computer Science and Tepper School of Business collaborate on this 12-month, full-time program to give students the knowledge and skills in business, management, technology, and user experience needed to be successful product managers.
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