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Upcoming Seminars

To stay informed of the latest HCI research and the work of our colleagues, the HCII holds a seminar series. The public is invited to attend these talks, which are held weekly on Friday afternoons during the academic year. Suggestions for future guest speakers should be sent to

Date Title Speaker Seminar Video Abstract
HCII Seminar Series - Rich Caruana Rich Caruana
Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA
Seminar Video "Friends Don’t Let Friends Deploy Black-Box Models: The Importance of Intelligibility in Machine Learning" In machine learning sometimes tradeoffs must be made between accuracy, privacy and intelligibility: the most accurate models usually are not very intelligible or private, and the most… Full Details
HCII Seminar Series - Stevie Chancellor
HCII Seminar Series - Steven Dow
HCII Seminar Series - Daniel Epstein
HCII Seminar Series - Julian Brinkley
HCII Seminar Series - Nica Ross
HCII Seminar Series - Lace Padilla