Independent Study

Many of the faculty in the HCII work with undergraduates on independent study projects or as paid research assistants.  As an undergraduate, if you are looking for an exciting project on which to work, scan the HCII page on research projects for students, download a recent pdf document describing the Fall 2015 research opportunities or scan descriptions of the HCII faculty’s research interests at the HCII research page. Once you find a faculty member who sounds interesting, send him or her an email to schedule an appointment to discuss whether they will take on an independent study student. Some faculty will be willing to supervise a project that you’ve come up with on your own, but more will be eager supervise you you on a project related to their own ongoing research interests.

If you would like to sign up for an undergraduate independent study course in Human-Computer Interaction (05-589), complete this form to have your Independent Study course approved. An HCI independent study course can fulfill an elective in the HCI major.