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The Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University offers multidisciplinary undergraduate and graduate educational programs that emphasize technology for the benefit of people and society.

With membership from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, the College of Fine Arts, the Tepper School of Business, the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Robotics Institute, and the Software Engineering Institute, the HCII is one of the few institutions in the country with the breadth of expertise to offer such programs.

Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction

CMU’s Ph.D. Program in Human-Computer Interaction is rigorous, creative, and deeply interdisciplinary. The small and select group of students that we admit each year study with both the founders of the field of HCI and the newest generation of top scholars.

Masters of Human-Computer Interaction

Carnegie Mellon's MHCI degree is one of the oldest and best known master's programs in HCI worldwide. We are dedicated to creating professionals that go on to lead successful product development teams. 

M.S. in Learning Science

Carnegie Mellon's Masters of Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science affords students the ability to improve their training with advanced study in Learning Science and Engineering. Our graduates will go on to develop and evaluate programs in a variety of learning settings. 

Undergraduate Programs in HCI

Carnegie Mellon undergraduates have two unique opportunities to study HCI. This first is completing a second major in human-computer interaction. The second is the undergraduate HCI minor, which was the most popular minor across campus in 2013. 

Important HCII Academic Information