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First & Middle Name Last Name Title / Role
Vincent Aleven Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in Human-Computer Interaction Class of 412-268-5475
Jeffrey Bigham Associate Professor Class of 412-945-0708
Patrick Carrington Assistant Professor Class of
Albert Corbett Associate Research Professor Emeritus Class of 412-268-8808
Laura Dabbish Associate Professor Class of CLASS OF 2006 412-268-5347
Motahhare Eslami Assistant Professor Class of
Jodi Forlizzi Herbert A. Simon Professor in Computer Science and HCII, and Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Class of
Sarah Fox Assistant Professor Class of
Mayank Goel Assistant Professor Class of
Jessica Hammer Interim Associate Director of the HCII and Associate Professor Class of
Christina Harrington Assistant Professor Class of
Chris Harrison Associate Professor Class of CLASS OF 2013
Ken Holstein Assistant Professor Class of CLASS OF 2019
Jason Hong Professor Class of 412-268-1251
Scott Hudson Professor Class of
Alexandra Ion Assistant Professor Class of
Geoff Kaufman Robert E. Kraut Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Class of
Sara Kiesler Hillman University Professor Emerita Class of
Aniket (Niki) Kittur Professor Class of
Roberta Klatzky Charles J. Queenan, Jr. University Professor, Psychology Class of 412-268-8026
Ken Koedinger Professor Class of 412-268-7667
Robert Kraut Herbert A. Simon University Professor Emeritus Class of 412-268-7694
David Lindlbauer Assistant Professor Class of
Marti Louw Director, Learning Media Design Center Class of 412-268-6917
Nikolas Martelaro Assistant Professor Class of
Bruce McLaren Associate Research Professor Class of 412-980-8101
Dominik Moritz Senior Project Scientist Class of
James Morris Professor Emeritus Class of 412-609-5000
Raelin Musuraca Assistant Teaching Professor Class of
Brad Myers Professor Class of 412-268-5150
Amy Ogan Thomas and Lydia Moran Associate Professor of Learning Science Class of CLASS OF 2003
Adam Perer Assistant Research Professor Class of
Carolyn Rosé Professor Class of 412-268-7130
Skip Shelly Associate Teaching Professor & MHCI Program Director Class of
Hirokazu Shirado Assistant Professor Class of
Daniel Siewiorek Buhl University Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering Class of 412-268-2570
John Stamper Associate Professor Class of
Françeska Xhakaj Assistant Teaching Professor Class of CLASS OF 2021
Lining Yao Cooper-Siegel Assistant Professor Class of
Haiyi Zhu Daniel P. Siewiorek Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Class of CLASS OF 2015 412-268-6523
John Zimmerman Tang Family Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction Class of 412-608-8181