Affiliated Faculty

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First & Middle Name Last Name Title / Role
Henny Admoni Assistant Professor Class of 412-268-7939
Chris Atkeson Professor Class of 412-268-5544
Daragh Byrne Associate Teaching Professor Class of
Justine Cassell Professor Class of 412-204-6268
Lorrie Cranor Professor Class of 412-268-7534
Anind Dey Professor and Dean of the Information School Class of
Cleotilde Gonzalez Research Professor Class of
Lauren Herckis Simon Initiative Research Faculty Class of
Bonnie John Consulting Professor Class of
Swarun Kumar Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Class of
Jennifer Mankoff Professor Class of 412-567-7720
Christine Neuwirth Professor Class of 412-268-8702
Richard Scheines Dean Class of 412-268-8571
Aaron Steinfeld Associate Research Professor, Robotics Institute Class of 412-268-6346
Steven Wu Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science Class of