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HCII Seminar: A New Era of IBM Design

Phil Gilbert
General Manager, IBM Design


Mauldin Auditorium - NSH 1305

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Great brands are known, in part, for the design of their products and for understanding how design can fuel client loyalty and longstanding relationships. Think about what makes you choose a product: it's not just about what it does, it's about the experience you have when using it; that is what fuels your love affair with a brand, again and again and again.  In this session, Phil will talk about the new era of product design at IBM; how we are transforming the way we design our products in order to delight the people who use them. Enterprise software is used to drive a specific outcome, but being boring and dull isn’t a prerequisite. People want the same delightful experience with their enterprise software that have with the apps they use in their personal lives. Phil will reveal the accomplishments IBM has made -- and those to come -- to help clients not only stay in synch with today’s rapidly evolving technologies, but more importantly… enjoy doing so!

Speaker's Bio

As General Manager of IBM Design, Phil Gilbert sets the strategy for and leads the transformation of product design at IBM. IBM Design is focused on three things: recruiting & retaining top designers, scaling the consistent practice of great design across IBM, and simplifying access to IBM’s broad portfolio of capabilities. Previously, Phil led the Business Process Management segment for IBM, where he drove the simplification of its portfolio and the ease-of-use of its products.  Phil joined IBM in 2010 via the acquisition of Lombardi Software where he was President. Phil is a recognized leader in the technology industry and holds multiple patents. In addition to leading three successful start-ups, he is a respected thought leader who regularly shares his expertise on topics of portfolio and software design, design governance, strategy and culture with clients and organizations around the world.

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