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HCII Teaching Track Faculty - Technical Expertise


Human-Computer Interaction Institute


Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type

Faculty Position at CMU


Job Description

The HCI Institute at Carnegie Mellon is searching for technical teaching track faculty with experience exploring new technologies within real-world industry settings and applying them throughout the human-centered design process. The qualified candidate is a user experience engineer (UXE), creative technologist, design technologist or other hybrid role with a proven track record of continuously exploring and learning new technologies in order to innovate, make new user experiences tangible and create new value by embracing the ever increasing pace of technology change. HCII teaching faculty typically carry a load of 8 classes annually that may be offset with service on committees and other other HCII initiatives. 

The HCI Institute produces exceptional undergraduate and master students who improve the state of the world through a systematic, disciplined and principled approach to using technology to innovate and improve the human condition. We teach students preparing to become UX designers, service designers, UX researchers, HCI practitioners, frontend developers, learning science innovators, human-centered data scientists, product managers, and other technology leadership positions.

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