Saturday's lunch, sponsored by Visa Inc., will feature a poster and demo session showcasing exciting research from current students, faculty and our corporate sponsors. We invite all attendees to bring posters and/or demos to the event. Please contact to let us know what you'll be contributing.

The poster/demo session will be Saturday, Nov. 15 from 12:45–2:30 p.m. in the NSH Atrium.

(For presenters, all posters should be 32 inches by 40 inches, either horizontal or vertical. We will supply an easel and a foam board to which you can pin your poster. Let us know if you need a table and power for a demo at

Here's a list of who will be presenting.

Carnegie Mellon Participants

Title Presenter(s)
Elders Self-Monitoring Their Health at Home: Feasibility of Usability and Compliance Sang Won Bae
Visualizing Human Routine Behavior Nikola Banovic
Gneiss: Creating Interactive Web Data Applications With Spreadsheets. Kerry Chang
Duet: An Interactive Platform on a Smart Phone and a Smart Watch Xiang 'Anthony' Chen
Playtesting: Explore, Refine, Prove Judeth Oden Choi
Understanding Do It Yourself for Other People Eunki Chung
Demo of the Usability Labs and Equipment (Newell-Simon Hall 3602) Laura Dabbish
IdeaGens: A Social Ideation System for Guided Crowd Brainstorming Steven Dang
Social Cybersecurity Sauvik Das
Exploring Opportunistic Group Context Adrian de Freitas
Aquamarine: Selective Undo Support for Painting Applications Andrew Faulring
AWARE: Collaborative Research of Human and Social Context for Wellbeing Denzil Ferreira
Educational Technologies to Support Science and Literacy Learning for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students Samantha Finkelstein
Intercultural Competence Through Personal Informatics: Supporting Self-Reflection for International Teaching Assistants David Gerritsen
Legacy in the Age of the Internet: Reflections on How Interactive Systems Shape How We Are Remembered Rebecca Gulotta
First Person Blind Photography Anhong Guo
Knowledge Accelerator Nathan Hahn
Replay Analysis in Educational Games Erik Harpstead
Knock x Knock: The Design and Evaluation of a Unified Authentication Management System Eiji Hayashi
Presenting Potential Helpers in a MOOC Iris Howley
ChorusAPI: A Crowd-Powered Conversational Interface for Web APIs Ting-Hao Huang
DIY Demo Amy Hurst
Individual Differences in How People Perceive and Manage Privacy Threat on the Internet Ruogu Kang
Understanding Motivation, Engagement and Context in Free Online Courses Anna Kasunic
Human-Vehicle Interaction and Automotive User Interface Projects SeungJun Kim
Indoor Location Prediction Through Understanding of Human Spatiotemporal Behavior Christian Koehler
Skin Buttons: Cheap, Low-Power and Clickable Fixed-Image Laser Projections Gierad Laput, Robert Xiao
Zensors: Adaptive, Rapidly Deployable, Human-Intelligent Sensor Feeds Gierad Laput, Robert Xiao
Expanding the Input Expressivity of Smartwatches Using Mechanical Pan, Tilt, Twist and Click Gierad Laput, Robert Xiao
Crowd-Powered Intelligent Systems Walter Lasecki
Crowdsourcing Optimal Design Decisions Derek Lomas
Supporting Students' Self-Regulated Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Yanjin Long
Break Away From the Routine Within a Social Sharing Environment Alejandro Machado
Speed Matters More Than Abstractness for Capturing Creative Ideas Chris MacLellan
Attelia: Reducing User's Cognitive Load Due to Interruptive Notifications on Smart Phones Tadashi Okoshi
InterState: A Language and Environment for Expressing Interface Behavior Stephen Oney
smartESM : Capturing Routines on the Wild Using a Smartphone Julian Ramos
Keyboard Surface Interaction: Making the User's Hand and the Keyboard a Pointing Device Julian Ramos, Steven Connors
Providing Personalized Next-Step Hints With Big Data and Path Construction Kelly Rivers
Twitter-Enabled Role Playing Amy Shannon
Using Social Media to Better Understand Cities Dan Tasse
3D Camera-Based American Sign Language Detection Brandon Taylor
Discovering Peripheral Participation Patterns in Stack Overflow Xu Wang
Cognitive and Mobile Solutions Research at IBM Justin Weisz
Grounded Feedback in a Math Tutoring System Eliane Wiese
Phenom: Evolving the Ecosystem of Personal Data Jason Wiese
Exploring Level of Autonomy Qian Yang
Bridging Physical and Virtual Worlds to Improve Children's Science Learning and Enjoyment Nesra Yannier
Personalized Digital Learning in Latin America: Uncovering the Culture of the Classroom Evelyn Yarzebinski
A Demonstration of Azurite: Backtracking Tool for Programmers YoungSeok Yoon

Visiting Participants

Title Presenter Affiliation
TBA Elaine Kwong Corporate Sponsor: Bloomberg
TBA Kevin Lee Corporate Sponsor: Visa
The Lilypad System: Making Coordination in Special Education More Data-Driven Gabriela Marcu Assistant Professor, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel University
CaffeineZone: An iPhone App To Help Moderate and Understand Caffeine Levels Frank Ritter College of IST, Penn State University
Textbook: Foundations for Designing User-Centered Systems: What System Designers Need To Know About People Frank Ritter College of IST, Penn State University


Corporate Sponsors
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