2017 Summer Research Program Faculty Projects

Below are short descriptions of the projects some of our faculty are working on this summer
Faculty Member Research Projects
Jeff Bigham

- Build intelligent personal assistants (e.g. Siri, Google Now)

- Superhuman typing project (using speech recognition and language models)

- Build systems that allow people with disabilities to be crowd workers

Mayank Goel

- Personal Medical Devices: looking for students to help build wearable devices that are as easy and seamless as a FitBit but provides medically-relevant information to the users. 

- From one device to many: with advent of smartphones and more recently, Internet of Things, the users are interacting with many devices with overlapping capabilities. We are looking for students to help us make these distributed and overlapping interactions seamless.

Jason Hong

- Build smartphone privacy tools

- Design and evaluate better user interfaces for privacy

- Build crowdsourcing tools to streamline smartphone messaging

Geoff Kaufman

- Improving online community moderation and management tools and techniques

- Designing novel social interactions for streamers and audience members on Twitch

Aniket Kittur

- Design and build new ways for people to make sense of information (e.g., searching the web, scientific papers)

- Accelerate innovation and discovery (e.g., finding and using analogies from other products or fields)

Robert Kraut

- Improve (including development and design) online health support groups

- Investigate student editors' behavior on Wikipedia

Chinmay Kulkarni

- Design and/or build social computing research systems

- Design systems to increase diversity in the future of work

Marti Louw

- Design and evaluate citizen science, environmental education, and observation and learning support tools

- Design and evaluate identification games and tools for water quality biomonitoring

Roy Maxion

- Digital Bioforensics - Analyze existing data set of typing rhythms to baseline/distinguish among 100 typists

- Digital BioTherapeutics - Gather and analyze data from physical therapy devices to track/evaluate patient progress.

Bruce McLaren

- Dashboards for educational technology

- Work on and extend a collaborative, web-based environment for grammar construction and analysis.  This work will lead to software actually used by CMU students as they learn about grammatical form and function in writing courses.  Experience in Java programming a must.

- Design and develop educational games

Brad Myers

- Software engineering + HCI for security

- Smartphone end-user programming by example

- IoT programming

- Studying API Usability

Amy Ogan - Smart classroom sensors